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You Don' Need Big Lots To Make Big Profits, All You Need is The FXTE Method

My Name Is Orlando And I'm The Head Trader Here At FX Trading Essentials

Self taught trader and Economics Major 

He went from zero to a profitable swing trader by himself.  He developed the FXTE trading method and now shares his actionable analysis and ideas with his community.

The FXTE method is a simple system based on key levels using fundamentals to ride the long term trend. 

Sniping entries and holding winners  is what makes the FXTE method the BEST swing trading strategy around

Stay Connected And Updated In Real Time

Our community is accessible 24/7 via desktop or mobile app and is powered by Discord. NEVER miss a setup again!

It's really simple. We have 11 Analysis rooms where you get the setups, the chatroom and the breaking news and fundamental data broadcast channels. 

The complete package in ONE SINGLE PLACE

Learn, Transform Your Trading And Change Your Life

It's this simple. Receive the analysis with its validation and invalidation levels right from a REAL PRO's trading desk.

Discuss the trades in our chatroom with our team and other subscribers. It doesn't get any better than that

Take the trade, lay back relax and just watch the profits rake in and your account grow

This Is Exactly What You Will Get 

Trade Ideas

12 rooms full with Trade Ideas on all FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and cryptos

Actionable Analysis

Every bit of analysis sent to our subscribers is actionable with its validation and invalidation levels

Live Sessions

Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY live sessions. These sessions will be both educational and analysis


Exclusive members only chatroom where we discuss analysis and ideas everyday

Simple And Reliable

I sent this trade idea on the GBPJPY on August 24th 2020 to my PRO members on the GBP pairs channel. It was a long setup with its entry and exit (validation and invalidation levels)

24 hours later (time stamped in red) this setup gave us a nice 100 pips in profit. 

Learning and profiting at the same time has never been easier than with our actionable analysis

Be Emphatic And Learn From The Best

If you are not willing to take control of your trading no one will. Remember that the best investment is on you.


 All 12 Trade Idea Rooms (FX, Gold, Silver, Cryptos...) 

 All 12 Actionable Analysis rooms  

 Pro Traders Chatroom 

 Members Only Weekly Webinars 


This Is Exactly How You Get It

  • Trade ideas right from my desk

  • Full annotated charts

  • Validation and invalidation levels. 

  • Full idea rationale

  • Risk to reward on the setup

Here's A Couple Of Trade Examples

I seriously don't know what you are waiting for. It's simple and easy to follow stress free trading


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Frequently asked questions

If I subscribe today, do I get to keep the discounted price?

YES! If you subscribe while the 30% discount promotion is available you will keep paying the same $34.95 month over month for as long as you keep your FXTE membership.

HUrry because this promotion can end very soon!

How many trade ideas will I receive per day?

Here at FX Trading Essentials we don't scalp or daytrade the markets. We are swing traders and we try to maximize the profits we make on each trade.

It's because of this that you will receive between 5 and 9 trade ideas weekly.

How ill I know whe to exit my trade?

This is easy. Each trade idea comes with its validation and invalidation level (entry and stop loss). Also you will be able to see the targets on each chrt sent with the trade idea.

Is this a recurrent automated charge?

Yes! Once you subscribe you will not have to worry about your subscription again. The monthly charge is recurrent and as long as you keep paying our monthly discounted fee you will be part of the community.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription you will keep your membership until the last day or your last month and then you will be automatically kicked from my community.

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