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You Don' Need Big Lots To Make Big Profits, All You Need is The FXTE Method


  • How to determine market direction

  • How to spot key levels

  • How to identify market structure

  • The best patterns to trade (high win ratio)

  • Perfectly executing your trades

  • Putting it all together in ONE HIGH PROFITABLE STRATEGY

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My Name Is Orlando And I'm The Head Trader Here At FX Trading Essentials

Self taught trader and Economics Major 

He went from zero to a profitable swing trader by himself.  He developed the FXTE trading method and now shares his actionable analysis and ideas with his community.

The FXTE method is a simple system based on key levels using fundamentals to ride the long term trend. 

Sniping entries and holding winners  is what makes the FXTE method the BEST swing trading strategy around

Learn, Transform Your Trading And Change Your Life

Learn the magic behind key levels and market structureand learn from a veteran the easy way to profit from the currency markets. 

This is the result. Stress free trading.


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