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The Reasons You Are Not A Profitable Trader Yet

Let me start by saying that this post comes from personal experience. Everything here I have been or are going through. Psychology and mind set is just SO important in trading, probably more important than the actual trading system. So let's just start with this and then move from there. Psychology

If you think you are going to get rich from trading you are setting yourself up for failure

All throughout my life people has thought of me as a pessimist. I'm not. I'm just a person who understands scenarios in different situations, probabilities. I know this sounds weird but the easiest way to define this is that when facing a decision or a situation I have partial or no control over I always go with the worst case scenario in my mind.

This helps me on many levels to make the optimal decision for that specific situation which I have partial or no control over its result. This is why people call me pessimist. I call myself self aware.

By going into a partially clouded outcome with the worst case scenario in mind I will not blind myself with birds and bees and trick my mind into seeing the best possible outcome, which in a zero sum game is hardly the scenario that plays out. And this is why this is important. You have a defined set of rules to enter the market but the decisions that come after that are the ones you should look into. Please understand that I don't plan for the worst case scenario, my decision making process is not geared towards it; I just visualize it and accept it as a possible outcome. By doing this I detach emoti